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Friday, July 10, 2015

Finding Peace

Where do you go in your head when you are needing to rest your brain; or remain calm; or have your blood pressure checked…. ?? You know, it is sort of like counting to 10 --- but better.

Of course, prayer is the ultimate place to go for everything. I pray about my loved ones the most, I guess. There is nothing too small or too large. All these folks who grieve about kids being unable to pray in school just puzzle me. I prayed in school, all my life. The thing is that one does not have to talk out loud to pray.  Don’t you know, the Lord knows your thoughts --- and you don’t really have to share all your thoughts with those around you. No need to even move your lips, just think your prayer. I am totally certain that Jesus hears all prayers.

One concern I’ve never had is if it is ok to go to the Lord about small or unseemly  problems.  I’ve prayed for parking spots. Most often, in a case like that, I think of my dad. Down deep in my heart, I am so sure of his love for me that there is no situation or problem I could not take to him. If the love of a mere human is that great then how much more would be that of the Lord.

When my children were young, I would tell them that they could not do anything that would make me stop loving them. Recently, I read where George Bush said he told his daughters the same thing but added, “So stop trying to make me.”

The too few times I’ve been on the deck of a ship, I’ve experienced a sense of peace I’ve rarely felt elsewhere. So there are times that I make an effort to recall  that feeling. That has helped me through some rough places, most often grief.

Music is a great comfort to me, these days, just listening to others since I no longer perform. I love some classical music but I enjoy the old ballads and old hymns too.

The second verse of “What a Friend We Have In Jesus” starts with, “He speaks --- and the sound of his voice is so sweet, the birds hush their singing.”   Isn’t that lovely?  I can almost hear that and, somehow, it soothes my heart.

 photo by Lisa Amos