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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Twenty Ways To Describe Tony Thompson

Father’s Day is coming up, and I was thinking about my husband Tony. I decided to list some of the unique things about him. He was a funny, wise, delightful  man, and I miss him every day.

  1. He had good manners. After all, he was Southern…
  2. Tony took out the garbage ….  When reminded……
  3. He loved his mama ….  And she was quite lovable …
  4. He made delicious Italian Spaghetti from scratch ………  and terrible omelets
  5. He prided himself on being able to do everything for the babies …..  so he got to change the dirty diapers when he was home ….
  6. He taught the kids and me to fish, and taught them how to clean the fish, but he baited my hooks and removed the fish when I caught one….
  7. Tony was an impeccable dresser in business suits …….. and dressed like a street person around the house.
  8. He didn’t read stories at bedtime ….. but made up wild and wooly stories that the kids loved. Peter Rabbit was Dee’s favorite. Poncho Villa was a favorite character for Bruce, who was probably startled to learn years later that Pancho Villa was a real person..
  9. Tony loved to sing around the house ….. and just made up any lyrics he didn’t know.
  10. He often grilled hamburgers, on week ends ….. but had no patience with slow charcoal …………. so we often ate gas enhanced burgers, gas burgers as the kids called them..
  11. He got a kick out of running the vacuum ….. so he bought one only he could push.
  12. Tony grilled Boston Butts over charcoal, several hours, producing delicious barbeque. On Christmas Eve, he liked to cook bar-b-q and carry about eight ounces to all his pals, in little cups. I never asked how he thought a family of, say, five would get enough to eat.
  13. Tony had been a Master 4-H Club speaker, in high school and continued to be a fine speaker throughout his life. His last speech was when he accepted the honor of being made a PAUL HARRIS FELLOW, and he spoke to the Augusta Rotary Club. That was just 10 days before he died.
  14. He thought nothing of bringing extra people home to dinner ……….. with 30 minutes to an hour’s notice, on a good night. I’m a very good “meal stretcher”.
  15. He loved green beans so he asked the folks at the S&S cafeteria what kind they served, because I never cooked the fresh ones to suit him. They were Del Monte Blue Lakes! That’s still the only kind I cook. However, he always said the very best beans were my mother’s fresh ones.
  16. Tony assured one and all that my mother’s fried chicken was the absolute best … and she always cooked it for him.
  17.  He was totally dedicated to the Salvation Army and worked tirelessly for them. He was named a Life Member and was very proud of that as well as serving as the local president, in Knoxville and Augusta.
  18. The Rector of St.Paul’s Episcopal Church, in Augusta, told me that few people would ever know how much Tony had done for that church. I don’t know either but I’d guess it had to do with money and banking. He tried to contribute not only his money, but his expertise and advice.
  19. Tony was proud of the fact that he taught our kids and several of their friends to water ski. He loved young people and enjoyed working with them.
  20. Tony and I enjoyed traveling together and even on long car trips could talk for hours and sing … and laugh at the same things….