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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

 [A little late in posting this, but oh well]

Sunday night is the end of the long Thanksgiving week-end. It has been a peaceful, pleasant time for me. We accomplished some things that needed  Bruce’s attention such as signing new signature cards etc at the bank..He handles my folding wheelchair easily so the trip was painless for me.  Dee had bought a small bookcase, for DVD storage, that Bruce helped Mike put together.

We had lots of delicious food. Dee fixed a pot of chili and broccoli salad, Wednesday night, plus a pecan pie. Then, Thursday, we fixed a turkey breast, cornbread dressing, gravy, Brussel sprouts, roasted  and topped with a balsamic sauce and dried cranberries, and Bruce’s green beans sautéed with red onions etc. Friday was Dee’s wonderful pork loin, potato salad, and Saturday night, Bruce served scallops on a bed of spinach and I can’t think what else, Somewhere in there, Dee made our favorite rum cake with English walnuts. I did almost nothing but be the official taster and poke the dressing.

Bruce and Mike took Bruce’s truck and brought home a small pile of logs that Mike can burn in his fire pit. They bought Mike a small saw that he can use. Then, Friday, they met a friend of Bruce’s for lunch, after Mike’s wrestling practice.

Lesleigh is going to school, in Austin, Tx. so didn’t get home. I missed her a lot.

Of course, Alesia was not here but they’ve heard from her and we believe she is OK. I don’t do the texting. It was hard enough to learn to drive a computer not that I’m any good at it.

We’ve had several great Thanksgivings over the years. While all were nice, I’m speaking of those we spent together with my brothers, their families, and my parents. We took turns hosting the long weekends.

 I believe Don and Jane started the tradition by inviting everyone to their home, in Slidell, La. What a fun visit that was! We were just across Lake Ponchartrain from New Orleans. Of course, we made sightseeing trips to N.O. and walked all over the French Quarter. One day, we went to one of the famous restaurants, for lunch, but were told they didn’t allow children in the dining room. So they seated us in the not very busy bar. Anyway, I remember eating one of the most delicious roast beef sandwiches of all time. Since then, I’ve been back to New Orleans several times but none were so precious as that trip. There is just something so sweet about doing fun activities with the people you love most in this world.

Another time, Bob and Myrtle rented a cabin big enough to sleep 15 of us, up in the north Georgia mountains, Amicolola Falls. That’s beautiful country up there and as Mother used to say, ‘’you can just breathe better in the mountains,,,,,,,,,,,.’’ The falls are near Helen, Georgia with all its craft shops, rafting, candy making etc.

Everyone came to our house, in Augusta, one year, and I have no memory of where everyone slept or what we all did. One exception was that Don brought a tape recorder and taped Dad reading either Robert Service or Kipling. He had a nice speaking voice which brought back memories of his reading to us as children. I decided at the last minute , before everyone’s arrival, to make a three layer chocolate cake, I’d already made the usual pumpkin pies, pecan pies, salads, cornbread etc. I got a big kick out of watching Don and Bobby literally decimate that cake.

There was another week end where we rented two cabins, on the river, in Gatlinberg,TN. I believe that was just after Dad died the previous May. Mother brought along a couple of sisters that time.

One more recent Thanksgiving, Dee, Alesia, Mike and  I drove over to Myrtle Beach for the weekend. We stayed at a favorite condo right on the beach but spent lots of time with Bobby, Myrtle, and their family. [We usually spent a week there during the summer as well.] Though we “ate out” most meals and Thanksgiving dinner, Dee and I always made a big pot of vegetable-beef soup to share with the family. They seemed to enjoy coming over to our condo where we could watch the ocean and visit, along with our thick soup and Fritos. I am grateful for those visits as Myrtle and Bobby are no longer with us.

These days with everyone so scattered, we are just Bruce, Dee, Mike, and me. As Spencer Tracy said about Kathryn Hepburn, Ain’t much there but what there is, is cherce ------  or something like that. 

 This was in Myrtle Beach, 2006.